"G.W. Leibniz: Razón, Verdad y Diálogo"

Ciudad de México, 23- 26 Junio 2020


The Red Iberoamericana Leibniz announces the IV Congreso Iberoamericano Leibniz: "G. W. Leibniz: reason, true and dialogue" (Mexico City, June 2020).

The intellectual life and the work of G.W. Leibniz can be seen as paradigms of the construction of knowledge through dialogue: his work not only became an incomparable exchange of personal ideas with his contemporaries, but a true dialogue with various disciplines, countries, cultures, currents of thought and the philosophical and scientific tradition that preceded him. Leibniz always maintained a dialogical and open attitude in his sense as a philosopher, mathematician, politician and historian, and also propelled the creation of scientific academies that put the conditions of possibility to extend the dialogue throughout space and time.

In the times of posterity, of the crisis of modern reason, of deaf ideologies, of the noise of social networks, the dialogical character of reason becomes imperative. Leibniz makes an important contribution to the search for a dialogical, open, conciliatory, tolerant and integrating reason. This is inserted in a tradition of thought that reaches our days, a thought that puts the dialogue at the service of reason and reason at the service of dialogue.

Leibnizian invited the international community to reflect on the Dialogic of leibniziano thought character in any of the areas that comprised his extensive work.

RED Iberoamericana Leibniz

Instituto Investigaciones Filosóficas- UNAM

FES- Acatlan- UNAM

Universidad Panaméricana, México

UPAEP, Puebla, México

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