1) Collection published by Editorial Comares (Granada, Spain)
2) Aim: the publication of the most up-to-date research of the highest scientific level
3) Audience: experts on Leibniz's philosophy and on modern philosophy
4) Languages: Spanish, German, French, English, Portuguese, Italian
5) Length: 45.000 words (about 100 pages)
6) Range of distribution: worldwide
7) Coordination: Juan A. Nicolás (Granada University)
8) Website:


The “Nova Leibniz” collection is an attempt to create a collection of texts, which present the latest news in the research of Leibniz's thinking as well as other related authors or topics either preceding or following Leibniz’s time. The highest scientific level is required, both in the aspects of methodology and theme, and above all, the presentation of new interpretations or reconstructions of some aspects of Leibniz's work is called for. Also, publications of Leibniz's (or related authors’) unpublished texts, which represent relevant notions, could be included. The discussion and direct criticism of some interpretations or notable work which could have a special influence in the history of Leibnizianism could also be a part of this collection.
The volumes of the collection are understood as monographic research and have a length of about 100 pages. These researches are larger than articles, but less lengthy than conventional books. Maximum documentation and scientific proof is needed for the defence of a new and concrete thesis regarding the state of the issue addressed. Although secondary literature should be taken into account, the objective is not to present the state of the issue in question, rather it is more to propose new hypotheses or to tackle the new problematics from Leibniz's original texts.
The entire international Leibniz community is invited as well as all the researchers interested in Leibniz's work or in related authors and philosophical problems. Unpublished original writings are accepted in several different languages. All submitted volumes are to have an abstract of 2.000 words in other language.
The volumes will be distributed worldwide by Editorial Comares (Granada, Spain, who is already distributing the volumes from Leibniz's “Philosophical and scientific writings” in Spanish ( The subscribers of this edition will receive a free volume from the “Nova Leibniz” collection with the next volume of Leibniz's Works. All “Nova Leibniz” volumes will be commercially distributed.
The “Nova Leibniz” collection retains an International Advisor Council who will decide on the publication of the original texts received.